An Advanced Drug Warehouse Management System

Drug and Vaccine Distribution Management System (DVDMS) is a web based supply chain management application which deals with Purchase, Inventory Management & Distribution of various drugs, sutures and surgical items to various District Drughouses (DWH) of State, District Hospitals their sub stores like City Health Center and Primary Health Center to distribute drugs to patient, the final consumer of the supply chain.

Locate drugs in warehouses
Hierarchial transfer of drugs
Quality check of drugs

Features @ e-Aushadhi

Alert Management

A utility purposed to broadcast information, managing event based and job based alerts and governing the pending tasks as soon as user login into system.

Data Analysis

e-Aushadhi is not only about tracking the present actions or going on; rather rational analysis of past and present data to approach a better future predictions.

Dynamic Reports

Dynamic reports with its irresolute formats proved to be beneficial handling dynamic data. Based on user input, system is capable of generating dynamic reports.

Benefits of DVDMS(e-Aushahdi)

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