DVDMS Arunachal Pradesh

Provides for you

  • Drug Locator
    Locate Your Drug in Warehouses
  • Drug Transfer
    Hierarchical Transfer of Drugs
  • Quality Control
    Desk Maintain Details of Quality Check

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DVDMS Offers
Inventory Management

Brings Transparency & Smoothness in the process of Drug Inventory Management and Distribution

Drug Indent

Ability to generate indents automatically based on reorder, minimum, maximum planning.

Quality Drugs

Provision to maintain Expiry date/ Shelf life for an item wherever applicable.


Supplier Interface for viewing PO, entering Challan.


Customizable SMS/Email Alert Management.


Stock Ledger, Drill-Down Reports

Quality Check

Lab Interface for entering the QC Reports.

About DVDMS Arunachal Pradesh

Drug and Vaccine Distribution Management System (DVDMS) is a web based supply chain management application which deals with Purchase, Inventory Management & Distribution of various drugs, sutures and surgical items to various District Drughouses (DWH) of State, District Hospitals their sub stores like City Health Center and Primary Health Center to distribute drugs to patient, the final consumer of the supply chain.